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If You Feel Dad’s Not Listening when You’re His Caregiver, Look Inward

if you feel dad s not listening when you re his caregiverTrying to get somebody to listen to you can certainly be frustrating at times. Many parents feel as though they’re banging her head against the wall when trying to get their teenagers to listen. If you’re a caregiver for an elderly parent or other loved one, it can certainly feel frustrating at times when you don’t believe they’re listening to you.

There could be any number of reasons why you agreed or offered to be your father’s caregiver. Maybe you felt that since you live relatively close to him this was something you needed to do. Maybe the rest of your family expected you to step up and be there for him. No matter whether it’s simply because he’s getting older and having more difficulty doing things around the house, he had major surgery and will be recovering at home, or he simply can’t take care of himself like he used to, being his caregiver is great responsibility.

Yet, like millions of other family caregivers in the United States, you might feel as though he’s not listening to what you’re saying. That can get extremely frustrating and cause mounting tension between the two of you.

The problem may be communication.

As June is Effective Communications Month, it’s a good idea to sit down and try to figure out exactly where the lines of communication between you and your aging father have broken down. Maybe it’s not so much that he’s not listening to you, but that you’re not listening to him. This is a common problem that develops when adult children are taking care of their aging parents.

One of the top priorities for you, as well as other family caregivers, is likely the safety and security of your father. You want to make sure he is not exposed to various risks, including falling and being seriously injured. That might cause you to encourage him to remain home rather than going out and doing various things with friends or others.

It could also cause you to attempt to dictate what he can or can’t do, even while he’s trying to tell you he’s fully capable of doing those things on his own. Listening is just as important as talking, and even more so, when it comes to communication. So the next time you feel frustrated because your father isn’t listening to you, just make sure you’re listening to what he has to say. He may be trying to tell you of various interests that are important to him and that could lead to a higher quality of life for him. You may also discover that the best option may be hiring a professional home care provider from a local agency who has more experience.

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