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Five Tips for Boosting Senior Immunity

five tips for boosting senior immunityAs a person ages, having a strong immune system is essential, especially when cold and flu season rolls around. Recovery from an illness or infection can be more difficult for seniors, which make prevention that much more important.

While healthy living strategies are things that should be practiced throughout life, as a person becomes older, this is even more important. According to a report from Harvard Medical School, the aging process will reduce the response of the immune system. This means, the older a person gets, the more susceptible they will be to certain illnesses, cancers, inflammatory diseases and other health concerns. Statistics have shown that the top cause of death for individuals over the age of 65 all across the world is pneumonia, influenza and respiratory infections.

Strengthen a senior’s immunity

Adult children and elder care providers will often have to take the wheel in helping to prevent illnesses and other issues in seniors. There are a number of ‘immune boosters’ that can be used to help reduce the risk of serious health concerns, while also helping seniors to recover faster from any issues.

1. Get the required vaccinations

Flu vaccines are effective for about 25 percent of all older adults. When a senior receives the flu vaccine, they will have a significantly lower risk of developing the illness.

2.  Eat right

Another essential element of keeping illness at bay is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Many seniors eat less and have less variety in their diet, which can cause an inefficiency of essential nutrients and vitamins. However, when elder care providers and adult children ensure seniors are eating a low-fat diet that incorporates lean protein and whole grains, they can help to minimize the effect of these all-too-common diseases.

3.  Exercise regularly

Seniors who get regular, physical activity will have better circulation, heart health and have a more relaxed mind and body. There are a number of low impact activities that can be participated in, include bike rides, walking and yoga. This will help to boost a senior’s immunity and reduce the potential for infections.

4.  Reduce stress

Stress is linked directly to a number of health concerns, including heart disease and stomach issues. Regardless of the type of stress, it can suppress the senior’s immune system and make them much more prone to developing certain viruses.

5.  Get plenty of rest

Perhaps the best immune booster out there is getting plenty of sleep. This will help a person to respond to inflammation and stress much better.

Taking the time to learn about the various immune boosters will help a senior be healthier, as well as their adult children and senior care provider. There are a number of simple ways to make an impact in the immune system of a senior and ensure they remain healthy, especially during cold and flu season. With the tips here, seniors can rebuild a weakened immune system, help to prevent illnesses and even recover faster.



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