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Battling Loneliness as Part of Your Elder Care Plan

battling loneliness as part of your elder care planAnyone who has caught a rerun of an old “Golden Girls” episode has seen how emotional support, socialization, and bonding can enhance the lives of adults over the age of 60. In this show, four women, including a mother and daughter, live together and use their close friendships to help them through all of the challenges of life. As a family caregiver for your elderly parents, you would like to think that this type of emotional support and encouragement is available for all seniors. Unfortunately, though your parents live in a time when connecting with others anywhere in the world is literally just a few clicks away, experts say that the elderly population is lonelier than ever.

Research shows that nearly half of all elderly adults experience loneliness on a regular basis, and a large percentage of them are living with their spouse or a partner. This means that even if both of your elderly parents are still alive, loneliness could still be part of their reality. Loneliness is detrimental to emotional health, which can dramatically decrease their quality of life and contribute to faster decline.

Making combating your senior loved ones’ loneliness part of your elder care plan is an important way you can boost their wellbeing and give them an improved quality of life. Try some of these tips for helping your parents’ battle loneliness and feel more engaged with the world around them:

Get in touch with the elder care agency in your area to find out about hiring an elderly health care services provider and to get more suggestions for how you can help your parents battle their loneliness.

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