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5 Natural Ways Seniors Can Boost Endorphins and Feel Great

endorphins are very important neurotransmittersEndorphins are very important neurotransmitters, or brain chemicals, that reduce human’s feeling of pain and boost feelings of pain. Endorphins are released by the brain in times of stress or pain to help comfort the body. The release of endorphins can also be triggered by certain foods or activities, giving you a boost of happiness. On the dark, dreary days of winter, many seniors may be feeling like they need an extra boost of this “feel-good” brain chemical and, the good news is, there are many natural ways to boost endorphins and promote a happy mood. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Exercise

In addition to many other health benefits, exercise can increase the secretion of endorphins and help you to feel happier. Doing physical activities will not only help you to ward off health problems, help you to maintain a healthy weight, and help you beat stress, it will also help you to maintain a positive mood and outlook, thanks to the endorphins. Some research has even shown that more endorphins may be released if you exercise with others, such as in a group exercise class.

2. Laughter

Most seniors have probably heard the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine,” and this is actually true! Research has shown that laughing daily reduces stress, releases endorphins, and even lowers blood pressure. Seniors who are in need of more laughter in their life should take the time to watch a funny show or movie, check out a comedy book from the library, or open up to the comics section of the newspaper before reading the other news!

3. Chocolate

There is a reason why many people crave chocolate when they are having a rough day. The fact is, chocolate triggers the release of endorphins in addition to being a delicious treat. The key, however, is to enjoy chocolate in moderation as to not compromise your healthy diet.

4. Music

Music can also prompt the brain to release “feel-good” chemicals. When you are feeling low, put on some favorite tunes and just listen. Chances are, your blues will begin to melt away. If you feel compelled to dance, get moving! Your brain will then release even more endorphins due to the physical activity!

5. Aromatherapy

Certain scents can trigger the brain to release endorphins. Scenting your home with these fragrances can help promote a positive mood and outlook. Some examples of “feel-good” aromas include vanilla and lavender.


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