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4 Tips to Help a Loved One Who Has High Uric Acid Levels

4 tips to help a loved one who has high uric acid levelsAs a family caregiver, it’s frightening to hear that your elderly loved one has test results that are outside of normal ranges. One such result that might confuse you more than others is a uric acid level that is higher than normal. This is important because uric acid can build up in your loved one’s kidneys or joints, causing gout and other health issues. The good news is that you can help her to lower that level some.

Know What Your Loved One’s Uric Acid Levels Are

Once your loved one has even one uric acid test that’s higher than it should be, it’s important to keep paying attention to that number. Ideally, her doctor should test those levels a couple of times each year so that you can verify that what you’re doing is working. You don’t want a painful gout attack to be your warning sign that your loved one’s uric acid levels are high again.

Help Her to Exercise More Often

Regular exercise is a great way to kick a lot of high test results into lower ranges, and uric acid levels are no exception. Make sure that you verify that she’s okay to exercise through her doctor before beginning an exercise plan and then start out small. Maybe you can start taking walks around the neighborhood together or take a water aerobics course. Regardless of what you do, try to make it fun and then you’ll both benefit.

Help Her Remember to Drink Plenty of Water

Water is so important for anyone to stay healthy. Check with your loved one’s doctor about the right amount of water for her to drink, but the standard recommendation is eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day. Being properly hydrated helps your loved one to regulate her body temperature, helps to keep her joints and muscles in good health, and helps to flush toxins like high levels of uric acid out of her body.

Help Her Change Her Diet

Many scientists believe that purines are the cause of high uric acid levels. Purines are found in a wide variety of foods, though, and it’s not always easy to switch your loved one to a highly restrictive diet. Instead, try to encourage your loved one to steer away from processed foods with refined carbs and empty calories. The Mayo Clinic recommends that you stick with lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins for the best results.

Once you get a handle on your loved one’s high uric acid levels, she’ll see a big difference in how she feels.

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